Caltrate 600+D3 Plus

Caltrate 600+D3 Plus Minerals, 320 ct


Caltrate 600+D3 Plus Minerals has calcium plus collagen-supporting minerals to help your bones stay strong and flexible. Additionally, Caltrate Plus Minerals has the most Vitamin D3 to help maximize calcium absorption to support strong, healthy bones.

  • Doctor recommended
  • Most trusted calcium supplement brand
  • Among the top most clinically studied calcium brands in the world
  • Thirty five years of history in supporting bone health — evolving with advances in nutritional science

One tablet contains 600 mg of Calcium, 800 IU of Vitamin D3 as well as Magnesium for bone health. Includes Zinc and other minerals to help support collagen production for strong, resilient bones.


  • Calcium 600 mg.
  • Vitamin D3 800 lU
  • Plus Magnesium & Zinc


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